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Accessibility in mConsole

migVisor is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for everyone. We continually make changes to improve the user experience for our customers and gradually apply relevant accessibility standards.

This page can help to get started with migVisor using assistive technology.

Screen Reader Accessibility

Pages in mConsole and in migVisor documentation support using screen reader technology. That means that UI elements will be detected and read in the right order.

Keyboard Accessibility

An important design goal for mConsole is to be fully accessible via the keyboard.

migVisor supports standard shortcuts for keyboard navigation:


Browse page items moving forward

Shift + Tab

Browse page items moving backward

For convenience, certain keyboard navigation options were added.

Below is a list of additional shortcuts that are specific for mConsole:


When focusing on a tile, navigate between tiles

It helps to navigate between sources and features faster


When focusing on a dropdown with multichoice, navigate between options

Left arrow/Right arrow

When focusing on a dropdown, switch between options

Changes apply instantly

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