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Database Feature Breakdown Widget

The Database Feature Breakdown widget displays features most common among all sources of the specified DB engine. This may give you an indication of which target platform(s) will be optimal for your sources to migrate to, and which of them are less fit for migration due to the features they contain.


If you have uploaded sources, by default the Database Feature Breakdown widget represents the share of the top most common features out of the total amount of all features of all scanned sources with the specified DB Engine. The widget shows up to ten (10) most common features.

To view features most common for a specific DB engine, select a DB Engine from the dropdown on the widget’s bottom.

You can select DB engines only out of those of the uploaded sources. DB engine is selected regardless of its version.

Features Breakdown

The most common features will be shown by the Top Features by Frequency table which is a legend for the Totals across all source DB engines donut chart left to the table. Each specific feature in the list is marked with a color dot and has a percentage showing the feature’s share in the total number of features dedicated to the uploaded sources of the selected DB engine. The colors of the dots have different depth of primary blue. They depend on the share volumes of the features: the higher the share – the deeper the color. The chart is split into sectors colored in conformity with the color dots of the features in the list and sized in correspondence with features' shares.

If the number of repeated feature types exceeds 10, an additional Other row is shown in the table. It shows all the rest features which are not the top ones shown. On the chart appears an additional segment colored gray and placed last in the list.

Hover over a segment of the chart to view the name and percentage of the feature the segment is associated with. The number in parenthesis shows the total quantity of the features with this name.

If you have no uploaded sources, the widget has no data representation view.

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