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Instance Analysis

The Single Instance page shows the analysis for each individual instance in the database.

In the header, use the dropdown list to switch between instances or use the Search functionality to find a specific instance by name.

Instance Switch.png

Instance Details

Instance Details.png






Name or IP address of the server that is part of the source database cluster.

Instance Name

Name of the database instance.

Database Name

Name of the source database.

Database Version

Version of the source database.


Edition of the database management system.


OS architecture of the host on which the database is running.

Displays (Physical) or (Virtual) if configured in Source Management.

Pluggable DB

Indication of whether the database is pluggable (PDB).


Any custom tags assigned to this source during scan.


Unique identifier assigned to the database instance at creation time to distinguish between different databases in the cluster or on the same server.


Number of Cores

Count of virtual CPU cores for the database instance.

Number of CPUs

Count of CPUs for the database instance.

Server RAM

Server memory available for the database instance.

PGA Size

Amount of memory allocated for the different sessions interacting with the database.

Allocated Memory (SGA)

Amount of memory allocated for the database instance in the host.

Allocated Database Storage

Disk space used by the database data files.


Database Uptime Prior to Analysis

Number of days the database instance was running since it was last restarted.

Data Collection Date

Date on which the database scan was run.

Workload Repository

Repository type selected for the database scan: AWR, Statspack, or Dynamic Views.

mQE Version

Version of the Query Definitions file that was used by the mMC to collect the data.

mMC Version

Version of the migVisor Metadata Collector used to run the scan.

Collection Period

Metadata collection period configured in mMC Preferences.

When selecting Dynamic Views as a workload repository, the Scan Duration value is used as the collection period.

Target Sizing

In the Target Sizing section, the Key Sizing Metrics subsection shows graphs to visualize instance-related metrics, each presented in its own tab:

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • IOPS

  • IO Throughput

  • Backup

The differences from the graphs for the entire cluster are:

  • Graphs are displayed without reference lines and selected algorithms.

  • The calculated value summary box is not displayed.

AVg CPU Usage graph.png

The Average Database CPU usage graph for the instance

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