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Use of migVisor requires a licensed migVisor account.

Create an account by signing up at the migVisor registration page.

Registration Process

On the migVisor registration page, enter all required information into the registration form:



First Name

First name of the user creating the account.

Last Name

Last name of the user creating the account.

Email Address

Email address to be associated with the account. Will be later used for login purposes.

A valid email address is required in order to complete the registration process. An activation link will be sent to the email address provided in this field.

Phone Number

Phone number of the user creating the account.

Organization Name

Name of the organization holding the account.

License Code

License code issued by migVisor for registration purposes. For more details, see License.


Password to be associated with the account. Will be later used for login purposes.

Passwords must meet the criteria described under Authentication | Password-Requirements.

Confirm Password

Password confirmation.


The Registration form

Once all information is entered, press the Register button.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

After completing the registration form, read and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) in the modal window.

The most important parts of the EULA are emphasized with a grey background.

To complete the registration, it is mandatory to scroll through the EULA, acknowledge reading it, and accept its content.

By default, the Accept button is disabled. To enable it, select the reading confirmation checkbox found at the bottom of the EULA.

To download or send the EULA as a PDF file, press the Download or Send button at the bottom of the modal window.

The EULA is available for reference at any given time via the End User License Agreement link in the footer section of mConsole.

Changes to our EULA will be accompanied with proper notification upon login. Accepting any changes to the EULA within 7 days from the time of notification is required in order to continue using migVisor.


The EULA dialog

Account Activation

Once the terms of the End User License Agreement have been accepted, a notification of complete registration appears.

The Registration Complete notification

Before proceeding with logging in for the first time, the account must be activated!

An activation email is sent to the email provided during registration.

Press the Activate Account button or link in the activation email:

The Activation email example

The activation link expires at the end of the day after registration.

Once the account has been activated, log in to migVisor Web Console (mConsole) using the email and password entered during registration.

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