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migVisor’s Metadata Collector utility runs a set of lightweight queries on the data source database which are used to determine how the source is configured and the types of schema objects that exist. The queries executed from the migVisor Metadata Collector all run on system catalog tables and the source data dictionary. For example, in an Oracle source, the migVisor Metadata Collector runs queries on v$* and dba_* tables.


  1. All source information is collected by running queries on this source. There is no need for server-level or OS-level access. Information is collected by opening a JDBC connection to the source.

  2. No application data is collected.

  3. No source code is being collected.

  4. The migVisor Metadata Collector does not collect any application or user data. Only metadata about types of schema objects, object names, server configuration, feature usage, performance metrics, etc.

  5. The migVisor Metadata Collector does not require dba/sys/sa access to the database. While you could use a sysdba-type user, it is not required. Instead, we provide a script that is used to create the user in the sources with specific permissions on the specific tables we need access to. By using the custom-created user for source access, you will know which specific tables are being accessed to collect the information we need for migVisor.

  6. The data collection process is fast (usually takes a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the complexity and number of objects in the source) and does not require any source downtime. You can scan multiple sources in parallel, if you choose to do so.

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