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Source Associated Applications

The Associated Applications Section lists the applications which are known to use the current source being analyzed. Using this section helps understand the number and identity of applications which use this source. This in turns helps gauge the migration’s dependency in terms of integration


Applications listed under the Connected subsection are those which were detected when scanning the source using mMC. The detection of the connected application relies on physical TCP, hostnames, or applications found in the source session management or equivalent mechanisms.

The detection of connected applications is highly volatile and relies on relatively short-lived data. It is therefore advisable to treat these findings as a minima / baseline rather than exhaustive list of any application which may connect outside of the scan period.

The listing includes the following fields. Each field is optional and may show blank or N/A when no data is available for it.



Connected Application Name

The name of the application as reported by the source engine


The remote host the application connected from as reported by the source engine. This may be a host name or IP address.

Analyzed Application Name

If an association is found from the scanned source to an application analyzed in this account, then this is populated with that application name.

Oracle OCI Application Mix

The Application Mix gauge is shown for Oracle sources only. It is displayed to the right of the Connected Applications table.

The title is followed by the number of OCI applications detected in parenthesis.

The gauge sows the percentage of connected applications that interface with Oracle using OCI vs those that do not. The blue shaded segment represents the OCI applications.

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