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Source Insights

The Insights Section shows insights derived from the metadata collected from the source with respect to the currently chosen target. The insights include Prerequisite Insights, Information Insights, and Incomplete Insights.

The Insights section for MongoDB

Insight Items

The Prerequisite Insights can be used as a “preflight checklist” to learn whether the source is ready for migration using the given Migration Path. Migration paths currently include DMS, BMS (Oracle only), and Live Migrate (for MongoDB).

migVisor performs assessments using a certain Migration Path in mind. This can be a specific tool, or Path, or custom scripting. Migration efforts vary depending on the intended Migration Path. Certain features and insights are sensitive to that, and therefore the Migration Path affects scoring and insights. Without this assumption, the variability of the insights and score can vary widely. This assumption is constant and cannot be changed by the user. In cases where a different ultimate Migration Path is chosen, the migVisor assessment can be used as an advisory or baseline, and further analysis is recommended.

The Information Insights and Incomplete Insights are informative in nature. They highlight certain features or findings which may not contribute to the overall score, or that can indicate a re-scan may be in order, or licensing is limited.

Insights are accompanied by an icon indicating their disposition:

Disposition Icon


Requirement is met.

The insight indicates that a certain pre-requisite for the migration path is satisfied.

Requirement is not met.

The insight indicates that a certain pre-requisite for the migration path is not satisfied. Customer should be aware that the issue should be mitigated if the migration path is to be taken.


The insight highlights a feature or detected condition which can be helpful.

This insight has no impact on the overall score.


An insight might have been available, but the information to produce it or licensing prevents its display.

May be addressed by ensuring licensing allows for it or re-scanning the source in cases newer versions of mQE are available.

Insight Details

The Insight Details panel reflects details for the currently selected insight from the insight list.

Insight Details showing the selected insight for the Live Migrate migration path

The details include:

  • Insight name accompanied by a disposition icon.

  • Insight advisory text.

  • Insight Values list

The advisory text for Migration Insights describes the insight and potential mitigation steps. This information should be taken into account when planning to utilize the indicated migration path. If a requirement is not met, it should be addressed before migration.

If a different migration path is chosen, both met and unmet insight should be manually evaluated with respect to the path and tooling the organization intends to use.

The Insight Values area shows the source values that were used to evaluate the insight. The title is followed by a counter indicating the number of values listed below it.

This section is optional. If the analysis is not directly tied to an identifiable source metadata item, then it is not shown.

The values listed for each insight vary by insight. The column headings, therefore, change from insight to insight, and from source to source.

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