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Source Security (MongoDB, HBase)

The Security section describes the permission set detected in the MongoDB or HBase source.

The Security section helps to understand which permissions were granted to security principals and on which objects.

The information is displayed based on the source-specific hierarchy available for permission sets.

The Security section for the MongoDB source

HBase Security

For HBase sources, the hierarchy is:

  1. Username

  2. Namespace

  3. Table Name

  4. Column Family Name

  5. Column Qualifier Name

  6. Permissions

The user permissions are represented as a concatenated string from the RWXCA set, with each character representing one of the privileges. If a particular privilege is not granted, it will not appear in the permission field value.

  • R - Read privilege

  • W - Write privilege

  • X - Execute privilege

  • C - Create privilege

  • A - Admin privilege

For more details about the permissions, see Apache HBase ™ Reference Guide.

MongoDB Security

For MongoDB sources, the hierarchy is:

  1. Database

  2. Role

  3. Users in that role

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