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Data Source

One of the data sources - database or cluster - in the customer's environment represented in the mConsole as a scanned source.


Target Source

The platform/service/infrastructure destination which will be used post migration. Currently supported targets are: Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure.


Pre-Scanned source detected detail

Initial metadata collected when scanning a source by the mMCArtifacts are displayed as Features using the DiscoveryAnalyze, or Compare dashboards.


Post-Scan database analyzed detail

After a database is uploaded into the mConsoleArtifacts detected during the scan are confirmed and defined as Features and other metrics displayed and analyzed by migVisor. Features can include IndexesSynonymsSequencesViews, etc. Collectively, total counts of Artifacts detected in databases are displayed on the Source Database Artifacts panel of the mConsole.


Feature/Target-Specific migration complexity weight

A calculated weight assigned to the complexity of a database feature for migration from a specific source database to a specific target. The accumulation of weights for detected features help determine the overall database migration complexity.


Source/Target-Specific Database Migration Complexity Level

The overall calculated effort level required to perform a source/target-specific database migration project.


Data Migration Services

GCP serverless hosted service allowing migration of databases into the cloud provider’s databases or infrastructure.


Bare Metal Solution

GCP solution enabling deployment of a database on managed bare-metal servers, rather than virtualized VMs.



Full Form



migVisor Metadata Collector

An executable Java tool that connects and scans your host server’s sources for use in migVisor Web Console.


migVisor Web Console

A web-based application that provides source technologies to help you manage, analyze, and measure your data migration complexity.


migVisor Query Engine

An internal migVisor engine that holds the logic to query source’s metadata in order to gather the information needed to calculate migration complexity. The mQE uses dedicated query_[db-engine].dat query files:

  • query_oracle.dat

  • query_mysql.dat

  • query_postgresql.dat

  • query_sqlserver.dat

  • query_mongodb.dat

The files come in an encrypted form and are used by the mMC for scanning sources with corresponding database engines (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB).

The mQE is constantly improving so it is important to always use the latest version of the query definitions files.


migVisor Complexity Calculator

An internal system in migVisor that holds the logic behind each migration complexity calculation presented in the different dashboards. Using mCalc, migVisor is able to determine the migration complexity for a specific source-target pair and use collected knowledge to quickly add support for future target versions.


migVisor Auto-Update Agent

A service to determine if a migVisor user is using the most recent version of migVisor and the mQE file and offer automatic updating in case the user is using an outdated version.


migVisor Feature Recommendations Agent

A system to make recommendations based on migVisor SMEs knowledge and extensive experience with source and cloud migrations.


migVisor License

A migVisor license that is issued per customer domain for a pre-defined period of time (An Enterprise mLicense is usually issued for a period of one year). Upon expiration, the account gets switched to a limited trial account under Trial License limitations.

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