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Application Complexity Breakdown Widget

The Application Complexity Breakdown widget enables you to get a summary of the overall complexity per application in the form of a chart with a certain application language filter.


To view the application complexity breakdown for a particular language, select a language from the corresponding dropdown at the bottom of the widget.

Complexity Breakdown

The Complexity Breakdown table shows the complexity levels. The complexity levels are marked with blue dots of different depths specifying low, medium, and high complexity (the higher the complexity, the deeper the color). The percentage of each complexity shows its share in the total number of applications of the selected language. The count shows the number of applications of a given complexity level.

The applications are represented graphically as the Overall Complexity per Application chart. The type of the chart depends on the number of applications based on the selected language:

1-4 applications

5+ applications

Bar chart where each petal specifies an application of a respective complexity.

Pie chart where each petal specifies an application of a respective complexity.

If you have no uploaded sources, the widget has no data representation view.

Single Application Tile

Clicking a petal opens an application tile in place of the legend.

The tile contains the identity data of the application – its name, associated source, modernity status, overall complexity indicator, and list of features. For details, see Single Application.

To see more details about a particular application, click the link icon on the top right of the tile and open the Single Application page.

To close the tile and get back to the applications complexity legend, click the X button on the top right of the tile.

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