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Applications Management

The Applications management page contains a listing of uploaded sources and allows:

  • Uploading new sources.

  • Declaring applications manually.

  • Performing various actions on the uploaded sources and their features.

Apps listing.png

The Applications management page

Actions Panel

The Actions panel contains key actions that can be performed on application sources.

App Actions panel.png

The Actions panel

Available actions:

Actions Exclude.png

Exclude the selected sources from the migration analysis.

Actions Include.png

Include the selected sources in the migration analysis.

Actions Delete.png

Delete the selected sources from mConsole.

Actions Download.png

Download the selected sources to save them locally in an encrypted format.

Actions Source Tags.png

Apply tags to sources for categorization, organization, and filtering purposes.

Declaring Applications

To manually declare an application, press the Declare button.

App Declare.png

The Declare button

The Declare Application form contains the following sections:

  • Identity

  • General

  • Source Database

In the form, the following parameters are mandatory:

  • Application name

  • Option to associate the application to a DB instance or engine

  • Programming language

The Declare Application form

In the Identity section, specify the application name and the option to associate the application to a DB instance or engine.

In the General section, specify the information, such as source control, semantic version, the number of screens or forms in the application, etc.

In the Source Database section, specify the information, such as the number of stored procedures, the number of tables the application interacts with, etc.

Declared applications cannot be downloaded.

Filter and Search

Use the Filter functionality to:

  • Search by application name or its part.

  • Filter by language, version, primary dialect, generation, source inclusion, feature inclusion, creation mode, and tags.

  • Sort the list alphabetically (ascending, descending order) using the sort icon next to the column name.

Uploaded Sources

Each uploaded source is presented as a separate row and contains the following information:

  • Source identity: application name, DB engine, and application modernity type.

  • Programming language and its version.

  • Associated databases. In case of deleting the associated source from mConsole, the field shows the DB engine of the deleted source.

  • Creation mode:

    • Analyzed – for the applications scanned with mMC.

    • Declared for the applications declared manually.

  • Feature inclusion.

  • Status. Shows the current application inclusion configuration. To include or exclude the application from the analysis, turn the corresponding toggle on or off.

Additional Details

The Additional Details pane contains metadata collected for the source.

To expand or collapse the Additional Details pane of:

  • A particular source, press the chevron icon in the row.

  • All listed or filtered sources, press the expand icon in the header.

Additional Details pane App2.png

Application Settings

The Single Application Settings page provides options to:

  • Configure identity, general, source database, and features settings.

  • Include or exclude application features from the analysis.

App settings.png

The Application Settings icon

Feature Statuses

In the Features section, feature statuses can be:

  • Included – default. The feature is included for the application.

  • Excluded – the feature is excluded for the application.

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