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Data Retention

Storage Spaces

migVisor stores customer data in three storage spaces:

  1. Production Database

  2. Storage

  3. Backups

Retention Periods

migVisor’s retention periods change based on the type of information saved and the reason it is saved for. Below are the migVisor retention periods per Storage Space:

  1. Production Database data is kept as long as a License is valid.

    1. Data Assets associated with Enterprise License:

      1. Uploaded Sources.

      2. TCO Data.

      3. General Customer Information as provided during the registration process (Customer name, Organization name, Email, Phone number).

    2. Data Assets associated with Trial License:

      1. A single Uploaded Source with limited visibility of Features/Objects and no ability to generate a technical report.

      2. General Customer Information as provided during the registration process (Customer name, Organization name, Email, Phone number).

  2. Storage data is kept for 3 months after the Enterprise License is expired, but the customer has the ability to remove the data at any point in time.

  3. Backups are kept for 30 days and include Production Database data (Backup Files are rotated so that the oldest backup is replaced with a new one on a daily basis).

Example workflow

  1. migVisor and Customer Organization Org-A start an engagement in which an Enterprise License is issued for Org-A and a Licensing Period is set for the License.

    1. An Enterprise License gives full access to migVisor capabilities for a limited time, as set by the license Expiration Date, determined based on the specifics of the engagement, usually for a period of 1-year.

  2. Customer-A, a member of Org-A, signs up for a migVisor Account and gets access to the migVisor enterprise features granted by the Enterprise License.

  3. Once the Enterprise License period reaches its end, the license expires resulting in the following actions performed on migVisor’s end:

    1. Uploaded Databases get compressed into a single Customer-A-Archive which is kept on Cloud Storage for a period of 3 months after the Enterprise License expires.

      1. During the 3-month Post Expiration Period, Customer-A can download the Customer-A-Archive for backup purposes or manually delete the archive via the migVisor account (clicking the Delete button will trigger a removal process in real time which ends with a confirmation regarding the result of the operation).

      2. Upcoming data removal notification is sent 3 days before the data removal. The notification informs Customer-A that the archived data will be permanently removed in 3 days and its recovery won’t be possible.

      3. At the end of the 3-month Post Expiration Period, if it hasn’t been done by the customer, Customer-A-Archive is permanently removed from Storage.

    2. Uploaded Sources (in their extracted form) are removed permanently from the customer account and the migVisor Production Database.

    3. TCO Data such as TCO Questionnaire Data and TCO Projects Data get removed from Customer-A account and from the migVisor Production Database.

    4. The Enterprise License gets replaced with a Trial License that allows only a limited set of capabilities for demo purposes.

      1. General Customer Information will remain on migVisor’s Production Database for as long as the account remains active with a Trial License.

  4. The customer account remains active indefinitely (subject to change) and Customer-A has the ability to permanently remove the account from migVisor's servers via the Account Settings page at any point in time.

    1. Choosing to remove one’s profile from migVisor will remove all Customer Data permanently from all storage spaces: Production Database, Backups, and Storage.

      1. The removal process of data from the Production Database and Storage is relatively quick, starts immediately, and lasts as long as the removal operation requires based on the amount of data to be removed.

      2. The removal process of data from Backups happens periodically, based on the Retention Periods described above.

      3. Removal of one’s profile will remove access for all additional users related to this customer account.

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