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[mMC GUI] Scan Preferences

Scan preferences control common conditions of scanning and saving and uploading scan results. Scan preferences can be changed at any time.

To set scan preferences, click the cog icon in the top right corner. That opens the Scan Preferences window.

The Scan Preferences window contains two tabs: General and Data Encryption.

After filling in the fields in the Scan Preferences window, click Save to save changes.

If changes were made during the scanning, they will be applied after the scanning is completed.


The General tab allows customizing the process of scanning itself, setting the maximum scan size, and configuring the output in the offline mode.

To automatically archive sources that were successfully scanned and saved/uploaded, toggle the Automatically archive saved and uploaded source configurations switch.

To change the maximum parallel scan number, set a value in the range from 1 to 512 in the Max Parallel Scan Processes field.

To customize the file path or the file name in the offline mode, toggle the Custom file path or Custom file name switch and enter the file name and the file path in the corresponding fields.

Customizing the file path or the file name is enabled only in the offline mode since the online mode doesn’t allow saving the scan results locally.

To set the maximum batch size, enter the value in the Max batch size field. The minimum valid value is 20 Mb.

Data Encryption

The Data Encryption tab allows generating of public and encryption keys.

The Encryption Key field shows the existing encryption key and the date of its last update. To regenerate the encryption key, click the Regenerate button. To change the encryption key manually, click the Edit button.

Public Key SHA256 and Public Key SHA1 are generated automatically and are linked to the encryption key. Once the encryption key is changed, the public keys are automatically regenerated.

The encryption keys must be associated with your migVisor account in mConsole, so that mConsole can decode the encrypted file. Do not use mMC copies from other organizations or keys not downloaded from your account.

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