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mMC Key

mMC key is a permanent 256-bit key generated per customer. mMC validates keys during the authentication process.

Key Generation

mMC keys are stored as a local configuration in user_key.dat. After the download of mMC is initiated in mConsole, migVisor updates user_key.dat with an encrypted migVisor password and mMC key. mMC keys are encrypted synchronously with migVisor user’s password. Once the password is updated, the mMC key is updated as well.

Key Encryption

mMC keys are encrypted using the AES/GCM/NoPadding encryption algorithm and the SHA3-256 hashing algorithm.

Key Validation

Using a valid mMC key allows mMC to encrypt database passwords stored in config.json - a local configuration file used by mMC to access data source connection details.

In mMC, key validation comprises two steps:

  1. Password validation. mMC checks if the password entered in mMC matches the encrypted password stored in user_key.dat.

  2. Key validation. mMC checks if the key received from the server matches the encrypted key stored locally.

In both cases, if validation fails, using mMC will be forbidden.

If validation fails by some mistake, try downloading mMC from mConsole again. If the issue persists, contact us for further investigation.

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