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Operation Modes

mMC has offline and online operation modes that define the system’s behavior after the scanning process.

To switch between operation modes, click the Online/Offline switch in the header. Switching to the online mode will open the authentication page.

During the scanning process, switching between operation modes is impossible.

The Online/Offline switch in the offline mode

The Online/Offline switch in the online mode with the red dot showing the ongoing process

Online Mode

The online mode allows uploading the scanning results directly to mConsole for analysis.

Every time the application is run, it displays the authentication page as a starting point.

The mMC authentication page

To run the application in the online mode, provide valid migVisor credentials and click Login.

Right after logging into mMC or switching to the online mode, mMC checks for and updates any outdated query definition files automatically.

To prevent mMc from automatically updating outdated query definition files, run mMC in offline mode at all times.

To run a specific query definition version, set a custom path pointing to the desired query definition files using mMC CLI.

In the online mode, mMC automatically uploads the scan results to mConsole. To save the scan results locally, switch to the offline mode.

Update mMC

In online mode, mMC can be updated to the latest version.

To check if any updates are available, click the mMC button in the bottom right corner and click Check for updates. If any updates are available, to update mMC, click Download latest mMC.

Update Query Definition Files

Right after logging into mMC or switching to the online mode, mMC checks if query definition files can be updated and automatically updates them.

To prevent updating query definition files and use older versions, run mMC only in offline mode or set a custom path to query definition files in mMC CLI.

Offline Mode

In the offline mode, mMC generates encrypted MGV files with scan results. To work with them in mConsole, save them locally and upload them to mConsole.

While in offline mode, mMC can’t update query definition files. To ensure using the latest versions, switch to online mode.

To customize the file path and file name for saving the scan results locally, click the cog icon in the header and set them in the Scan Preferences window.

To run the application in the offline mode, on the authentication page, click Work Offline.

In the offline mode, mMC automatically saves the scan results locally. To automatically upload them to mConsole, switch to the online mode. Before scanning in the offline mode, mMC suggests switching to online mode to ensure using the latest query definition files during scanning.

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