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Source Overview

The Overview section displays the migration complexity at a glance. It concentrates essential complexity measures for the source to target migration.

The Overview section contains 3 areas:

  • Overall Migration Complexity gauge

  • Findings per Impact Level counters

  • Summary text.

The migration complexity level for any given source is calculated relative to a specified target. To initiate the analysis process and display information in the Overall Migration Complexity, Findings per Impact Level, and Summary areas, select a target.

The Overview section

Overall Migration Complexity

The Overall Migration Complexity gauge shows the result of the analysis. The gauge is divided into 3 segments, denoting the low, medium, or high complexity level.

The Overall Migration Complexity gauge

With no target selected, the gauge is desaturated and does not indicate a migration complexity score.

The Overall Migration Complexity gauge when no target is selected

Findings per Impact Level

This section focuses on the feature findings and their quantities. Three swatches represent migration complexity levels. The counter shown on each swatch represents the number of features detected in the source and taken into account when computing the complexity score.

The score calculation considers several factors besides the number of features per each complexity level. The gauge may show an overall complexity that does not map directly to the high category's relative or absolute features count.

With no target selected, the findings counters are not shown. To display the counters, select a target.

The Findings per Impact Level counters


The Summary area provides an executive-summary style text describing the analysis result. It highlights the overall score computed and the source to which it applies. The summary also mentions any exclusions or licensing settings that may have caused the calculation to skip or ignore certain features. These include:

  • Exclusion of all features associated with a particular schema exclusion

  • Exclusion of certain features excluded under feature exclusion

  • Exclusion of certain features or number of features due to licensing limits

For more details about the feature and schema exclusions, see Databases Management.

With no target selected, the Summary area does not provide information about the migration complexity and shows the following message:

Choose a target to analyze this database for migration complexity. 

The Summary area

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