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Top Navigation

The top navigation bar has links to key pages and functionality of mConsole.

On the left part of the top navigation bar you can navigate through key mConsole pages:

The right part of the top navigation bar contains the Account menu, a link to the migVisor Documentation website, and additional items such as a link to the Source Management panel that are visible only to certain user groups:

The list of options in the top navigation bar may vary based on the roles of the logged in migVisor user. For details refer to User Role Management.

Account Menu

At the right side of the top navigation bar is the Account menu, accessible via the round-shaped Account Logo. A personalized company logo can be uploaded via the Account Management page. If no logo was uploaded, a generic organization logo is set by default.

Pressing the Account logo opens the Account menu and provides access to the following:

Notifications Panel

In the course of migVisor operation, the system may send you notifications about the current state of the system, running processes, or required actions. Notifications are displayed on the Notifications panel that appears when you press the Account Logo.

The notifications panel shows the notifications of the current session, which starts after you log in. The notifications are shown as tiles listed one under another, with more recent ones at the top of the list.

The notification types vary based on the messages they contain – info, warning, or error ones. Red, orange, and blue dots at the top left corner of the tile will show you if the notification contains an error, warning, or info message respectively.

Based on the messages they contain, the notifications can be:

  • Simple. No action is required from you.

  • Navigation. Navigates you to a respected mConsole section.

For example, if a data report generation fails, the system sends you an action notification suggesting you RETRY the report generation by pressing the respective button.

Once you have read a notification, you can delete it from the panel by clicking the X button at the top right corner of the tile. You can also remove all notifications by the CLEAR ALL button at the top right corner of the notifications panel.

All the notifications are available within the current logged-in session only. If you log out or if the session expires, all notifications from the previous session will be lost.

Notifications and Actions Indication

The availability of notifications or actions is indicated by a color dot that appears on the account logo:

  • A blinking orange dot means an action in progress (like report generation, file upload for analysis, etc.) happening right now.

  • No dot means no new notifications in the notifications panel.

mConsole Logout

To log out from mConsole, press the Log Out button, located at the bottom of the account menu.

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