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Top Navigation

The Top Navigation bar has links to key pages and functionalities of mConsole.

Top Navigation.png

In the center of the Top Navigation bar, navigate through key mConsole pages:

The right side of the Top Navigation bar contains:

Account Menu

At the right side of the top navigation bar is the Account Menu, accessible via the round-shaped Account Logo. A personalized company logo can be uploaded via the Account Management page. If no logo was uploaded, a generic organization logo is set by default.

Account menu logo.png

Pressing Account Logo opens the Account Menu and provides access to:

Account menu.png

migVisor Demo

The Demo account functionality allows exploring migVisor with pre-populated data in read-only mode to showcase migVisor capabilities without the need to scan and upload real sources.

It is available to all migVisor registered users via Account Menu Switch to migVisor Demo.

To switch back to your organization account, press Account Menu Switch to <organization account>.

Top Navigation Demo.png

Source-target pairs and features displayed in the demo account are determined by the target vendor defined in the organization account license.

The demo account shows all functionalities without any limitations applied to the organization account license. For example, even though the organization account license may not include support for application assessment, the demo account displays this functionality.

Processing Panel

The Processing panel provides a real-time overview of ongoing processes, such as report generation and file upload for analysis.

Active processes are indicated by a color dot that appears on the animated Processing icon:

Notification dot.png

No dot and a static icon mean no action is happening right now.

Processing dot.png

A blinking orange dot and a spinning icon mean an action is happening right now.

Active processes are shown as a list of tiles with the most recent ones at the top.

For uploading cases, an indicator shows the progress of the upload process.

Completed processes disappear from the Processing panel and are followed by corresponding notifications in the Notifications panel.

Notifications Panel

The Notifications panel contains information about completed processes, system updates, or required actions.

The availability of notifications or actions is indicated by a color dot that appears on the Notifications icon:

Notification bell.png

No dot means no new notifications.

Notification red dot.png

A red dot means new notifications, system updates, or required actions.

The notification types vary based on the messages they contain. Red, orange, and blue dots at the top left corner of the tile show if the notification contains an error, warning, or info message respectively.

Notifications panel.png

The notifications are shown as a list of tiles with the most recent ones at the top.

The Notifications panel shows the notifications of the current session. Upon logging in or the session expiration, all notifications from the previous session will be lost.

mConsole Logout

To log out from mConsole, press the Log Out button, located at the bottom of the Account Menu.

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