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Account Security

The Account Security section allows managing mConsole passwords, as well as the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt mMC artifacts.

Only account owners or users with Account Trustee roles can manage account security settings. For details refer to Account Data → User Management.

Encryption Key Control

The encryption key used by mMC at scan time must match the encryption key defined in mConsole for the upload to succeed.

Encryption Key regeneration

You may generate a new encryption key by pressing on the Regenerate Key button. Regenerating the encryption key implies that metadata encrypted with previous keys will become unusable and rejected from getting uploaded to the account. Upon pressing the Regenerate Key button, a confirmation warning appears:

Data collected with mMC using the current key will become ineligible for uploading and analysis.

Acknowledge the consequences by pressing the Regenerate button within the warning message, or Cancel.

Updating encryption keys in mMC

Updating the key in mMC after regeneration via mConsole can be done in the following ways:

  • Working with mMC in Online Mode

    • mMC automatically downloads the most up-to-date encryption key prior to the scan while in online mode. No manual action is needed to be performed by the user.

  • Working with mMC in Offline Mode

    • The encryption key value can be copied to the clipboard and pasted manually within the mMC (Preferences → Data Encryption → Encryption Key).
      To copy the key, select and copy the encryption key’s value and copy it to the clipboard, or simply press the Copy button.

    • The encryption key file can be downloaded by pressing the Download button. The key file must be placed in the root folder of the mMC prior to the scan.

The offline mode “Download” and “Copy” methods presented above are currently suspended. To manually update the encryption key in mMC, select the encryption key’s value from mConsole, then copy and paste it within the mMC to update the existing value.

Password Management

The Password section allows you to change your migVisor credentials.

To change your password, press the Change Password button and enter a valid password that meets the criteria described under Authentication | Password-Requirements.

To reset your password, press the Reset Password button and follow the Login | Password-Reset procedure.

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