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Cloud SQL Cloud Instance

The Cloud SQL tab

The Cloud SQL cloud instance has the following properties:


Instance name


The total number of CPUs configured for this instance

Ram Size

The total size of RAM configured for this instance


The total storage (GB) configured for this instance


The target database engine, including the database version


A flag indicating whether the instance was configured with the high availability feature


The region the instance was assigned to


The total number of sources to be migrated into this cloud instance

Instance Group Name

The name of the instance group

Estimated Duration

The estimated duration of the migration. This value changes depending on the Migration Team Size choice. To change the migration team size, open the Migration Team Size dropdown menu at the top of the page, and select a value.

Future OpEx

The estimated OpEx cost

Future rCapEx

The estimated rCapEx cost

Cloud Cost

The cost of running the instance in the cloud

Add Instance

To add Cloud SQL cloud instance:

  1. In the Cloud SQL tab, click Create.

  2. In the left part of the instance configuration window, select the checkboxes of the sources to migrate to the cloud instance.

  3. In the Cloud Instance Information panel in the instance configuration window:

    1. Select the Instance Group from the dropdown

    2. Enter an Instance Name for the cloud instance

    3. Select the GCP Cloud SQL option in the Target Platform dropdown

  4. In the Cloud Instance Information panel in the instance configuration window, configure the instance:

    • Select the Target Engine which includes both the database and its version

    • Select No for the High Availability mode, to disable it for the instance. By default, the High Availability mode is enabled

    • Select the Location for the instance 

  5. Click the Confirm button to save the configuration, or Cancel to discard it.

The instance configuration window

The CPU Cores, RAM, and Storage fields are not editable. For more details, see the section below.

Resource Limits

The CPU Cores, RAM, and Storage resources are calculated automatically based on the sources selected for migration. The fields are not editable. After attempting to edit them, the system sets the values to the automatically calculated.

The ranges below the values reflect the requirements and limitations of the target platform and engine. The values exceeding the range are highlighted in red.

In the Database Instances tab, when attempting to add an extra source that would exceed the resource limits of an existing instance, both the instance name in the Instance list and the Confirm button become gray and disabled, and the following message appears:

The instance has reached the limit of its resources.

Remove sources until the limitation indicators disappear in order to proceed.

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