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TCO Projects

TCO Projects provides an overview of the cost for all projects.

The page presents the following sections:

  • Project Cost

  • Database Retention Plan

  • Project Counts by CloudSQL Details

  • Project Counts by Cloud Spanner Details

  • Project Counts by AlloyDB Details

  • Migrating databases by Source Engine

  • Retained Databases

  • Database Retiring within the Migration Duration Period

  • Databases Retiring beyond the Migration Duration Period

  • OpEx Factor Costs

  • Residual CapEx Factor Costs

The TCO Projects page

Any changes made within the Database Instances, Cloud Instances or Instance Groups sections under Project Details or within the Licenses, Physical Infrastructure or IT Support & Maintenance sections under Enterprise Questionnaire will be reflected on this dashboard. Depending on the changes made, one may see changes to the OpEx and/or rCapEx costs or changes to the source information, such as source type, target type, retention.

If a project is removed, it will remove all instance groups, cloud instances and source instances associated with the project and the project will be removed from the TCO dashboard. All sources will return back to Database Inventory as unassigned. The following dialog window will be displayed.

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