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Custom Tags

Tags help you filter and quickly identify sources on mConsole.

Tags are managed under the Source ManagementCustom Tags tab.

Users with sufficient permissions can change tags and assign them to sources.

Managing Tags

Only account owners or users with Data Trustee roles can add or delete tags. Other user roles can use previously defined tags for filtering or identification purposes. For more details refer to Account Data → User Management.

Display Existing Tags

To display the tags assigned to a source, select a source from the Sources drop-down list under Add Tags heading.

Source names in the Sources drop-down vary depending on the source type.

  • For relational sources: hostname (database name).

  • For MongoDB sources: cluster name.

Adding a Tag

To add a tag to a source:

  1. Select the source from the Sources list.

  2. Type a tag name in the Add Tag field.
    (warning) The maximum tag length is 32 characters. If exceeded, the Tags field becomes red, the Add New Tag button becomes disabled, and a warning message appears.

  3. Click Add New Tag. The newly added tag is added to the list of tags below the Filter.

Repeat the process to add more tags.

The tag list initially includes tags assigned while scanning a source with mMC.

Tags are included in subsequent exported reports.

Remove a Tag

To remove tags:

  1. Select a source from the Sources list.

  2. Click the blue trash icon next to the tag name. The tag is removed from the source and will be removed from the tag list.

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