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There are several prerequisites for utilizing migVisor, which are listed below. Please confirm that all relevant and necessary conditions are met before attempting to use any of the migVisor applications.

Licensing requirements

The licensing requirements for using migVisor are:

Collector Requirements

The migVisor Metadata Collector (mMC) is a Java application. Before using mMC, please ensure you meet all of the following requirements:

Hosting Requirements

The hosting requirements for running mMC are:

  • A computer with network access to your source systems.

  • Java 17 or OpenJDK 17 installed. To ensure that the correct version is installed on your machine, execute the java -version command in the command line.

Java version configurations

The current version of mMC requires Java 17 version. To ensure the uninterruptable start of the application, provide the following configurations:

  1. Install Java 17 on your endpoint.

  2. Define the way to the bin folder of the respected Java version:

    1. Open the folder of the Java 17 version.

    2. Open the bin folder.

    3. Copy the path to the folder.

    4. Open the extracted or mmc.bat for editing.

  3. At the beginning of the file, replace java with the path to the folder\java.

  4. Save and close the file.

Networking Requirements

For the scanning operation to succeed, the host running mMC must be able to connect to each one of the sources via the network.

In case the source is a cluster, all members of the cluster must be reachable on their respective ports.

For automatic uploading scan results to mConsole the host running mMC must have outbound internet access to on TCP port 443. This option is required for using mMC GUI or CLI in online mode for automatic uploading.

Display Requirements

  • Browser

    • Google Chrome: 2 most recent major versions.

    • Microsoft Edge: 2 most recent major versions.

    • Mozilla Firefox: latest and extended support release (ESR).

    • Apple Safari: 2 most recent major versions.

  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime web content
    In case Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is not installed, download and install the 'Evergreen Standalone Installer' using the correct architecture option (the most common is x64) from the following link:

  • System Display settings
    Scale and layout settings: 100%.

  • Screen Resolution

    • Smartphones: 360px × 640px.

    • Tablets: 850px ≤ width < 1280px.

    • Desktops: 1280px × 720px.

    • Large screens: Width ≥ 1920px.

Database Access Requirements

mMC must connect and authenticate to sources or databases in order to execute various commands during a scan. The database access requirements are:

  • Credentials for a single database user that can be used to login to all of the source servers.

  • Permissions given to the database user to run all scan commands for that source type.

For more details and help on creating a user with sufficient privileges on various sources, see Resources.

Operating System Requirements

An operating system of a version which is supported by the vendor.


Console requirements

migVisor Web Console is a web-based application. To be able to use the console, you must:

  • Have a set of migVisor user credentials that are up to date.

  • Have a web browser. Only Google Chrome is officially supported.

  • Be able to connect to the on TCP port 443.

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